Fraser Valley Metis Association

Fraser Valley Metis Association received its official Certificate of Incorporation under the Society Act on March 27, 2002. Five key founding members signed the APPLICATION for incorporation on behalf of the Fraser Valley Metis people; Henry Hall, Norah Drury, Christian Ponte, Denise Hopkins, and Marie Carter.

As a result of these and other early members efforts, the Fraser Valley Métis Association is an officially recognized and REGISTERED non-profit society, committed to:

  • Building pride in our Métis culture through traditional teachings, cultural EDUCATION and community events.
  • Encouraging and ENHANCE positive community relationships through wisdom with integrity, dignity and respect.
  • Creating and maintain economic OPPORTUNITIES and partnerships.
  • Establishing and support a Métis community resource center that provides social, EDUCATIONAL, cultural and family services.
  • Advancing Métis Self-determination.
  • FVMA has developed multiple Board of Director porfolios and commitee positions that are dedicated to the support of FVMA members, including Youth, Women, Vetrans, Elders, and Families. Many FVMA members also sit on other agency and organization Boards to ensure local Metis representation in several areas occur, such as in Justice, EDUCATION and Natural Resources. New members are always encouraged to make use of their aptitutes, experience, and knowledge to PROMOTE the health and welfare of the group.

FVMA holds several meetings, gatherings, and disseminates several pieces of INFORMATION through the website and emails. The different modes of communication EMPLOYED by FVMA, allow Metis members to stay abreast of current political issues and how they affect them. Upcoming events and opportunites are also regularley reported. Community Meetings and Gatherings allow the Metis people to meet, stay connected, LEARN and practice aspects of the Metis culture. Many FVMA members describe the community as their extended family.

FVMA currently has between 400 to 500 members, and is growing steadily. The vast majority live within the Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Mission and Aldergrove area. However, familial ties, or a past presence in the area, often serve as a reason for individuals to become and stay members of FVMA, even while living elsewhere. All are welcome.