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As Metis, we officially define ourselves by:

  1. Self identification as Metis
  2. Ancestral connection to the historic Métis community.  The provincial registry at MNBC ( looks after the formal recognition of your Metis Ancestry.
  3. Contemporary Métis community acceptance.  That’s us ( And other groups like us (


So, that’s two separate memberships for “official” recognition.  We also welcome you as an associate member without the MNBC membership, or while that membership is pending.

The FVMA meets monthly in Abbotsford at the Mamele'awt Aboriginal Centre, 3277 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford.  In order for our community to accept you, we need to get to know you, and have you involved in the community.  Prior to acceptance, we expect you to attend at least 3 community gatherings, and engage with us.

Applications are available below and may be emailed to