Presidents Message

Taanishi Kia

The long awaited announcement of the Daniels vs Canada decision was announced today.

A declaration that Métis and Non-Status Indians are within the term “Indians”

There will be major changes for all Métis Citizens of Canada. Without a doubt we will be looking forward to what the future brings for Métis People.

The purpose Fraser Valley Métis Association is to do all things necessary to represent the interests of the Métis people in the territory within the Fraser Valley Métis community. Our Community continues to move forward with being present with attending events. Last year we attended health fairs, Aboriginal Day Celebrations, educational forums, cultural workshops, paddling journeys, and more.

This year we are focusing on retaining our cultural knowledge with meetings of sharing stories, workshops, and lessons about The Sash, jigging, Michif, The Red River Cart, beading, Louis Riel and more.

I attended the witnessing the 2015 signing the new Aboriginal Educational Enhancement Agreement in Mission. The new agreement will ensure our children and youth maintain their knowledge of aboriginal culture. This was one of the extremely important signings that Les Mitchel signed.

Les Mitchel was such an advocate for Métis children and youth’s rights to learn their cultural knowledge; he spent many hours, days and years making things happen in the schools.

I signed the 2015 Aboriginal Educational Enhancement Agreement in Abbotsford. FVMA looks forward to sharing in the talks for the betterment of our children and youth’s education.

All the Board of Directors continues to work hard for our Community.

Maarrsii, Dawn Johnson