Louis Riel Day
November 16, 2019


Fall Gathering - October 9, 2019


National Indigenous Day 2019

In Abbotsford this year the Indigenous day festivities took place at Mill Lake park.  In total there was 22 booths and a stage.  Our Fraser Valley Metis booth handed out several boxes of colouring books, activity books and temporary tatoos that were all indigenous themed.  

The big draw to our booth was the music.  We had a portable speaker playing fiddle music which brought people over.  Then Marion, our jigger instructor, led many children in our traditional dance style.  That's not all, we had a couple deer hide drums, deer hide rattles and several sets of wooden spoons.  Over the course of the day we had many new musicians.


Morning Introductions

This video was taken after Jeff introduced the Fraser Valley Métis.  Then he introduced Marion our jigging instructor and that's where this video begins.

After the end of the video, Marion continued to Jig having the kids in the audience following along.


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