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Lisa Hendry

President, Director of Health

Lisa comes from a long line of strong Métis women and is the proud Great Grand Daughter of Georgina Nàdon and Arthur Régnier from the St Peters, Manitoba.  Lisa is passionate about promoting health and wellness through an Indigenous health perspective. This perspective includes having a strong sense of identity and community connections. She is proud to be a part of the FVMA and work with the Board of Directors serving our chartered community.

Curt Smecher

Vice President

Curt has his Métis roots in the Red River and North Battleford areas through the Short, Ross, Thibeault, Vivier and Delorme families..  He grew up in the historic Métis community of St. Albert, Alberta. He works in the community as a specialist Physician (Anesthesiologist). As Métis, we are a self-determined indigenous people.  The resilience, independence and family/community focus of the Métis culture is important to pass on to our children. Curt is active in teaching Archery and shooting skills to our youth. He is proud to have served the community since 2015.

Dawn Johnson

Treasurer, Women's Representative

My Métis heritage comes from my mother’s side from St. Boniface, Manitoba. Métis culture was not part of my upbringing but has become a big part of my life and I am passionate about learning and sharing cultural knowledge. I look forward to passing this on to my child and grandchildren. Over the years I have had the opportunity to hold many portfolios including serving as President for five years. Currently serving as the FVMA Women’s Representative is a great honor and I look forward to continuing this work.

Noelle Tollman


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Jeff MacDonald

Director of Membership, Website Design/Administrator

Jeff's heritage is rich in Canadian and Indigenous history.  His Grandfather, Clifford Dumont, is the son of two very different Métis lineages.  One side was the "Dumont" side which was French and Swampy Cree. The Dumonts were apart of the North West Rebellion of 1885 and are directly related to Gabriel Dumont. The other side was the "Bird" side which was English and Peigan (Blackfoot).  This side was apart of the Hudson Bay Company at its inception. Jeff and his family are passionate about learning Métis history and culture and passing on that knowledge to all who want to learn.

Leo Nolin

Director of Families

Léo self identifies as a Michif from St. Boniface as his parents, grandparents and great grandparents on both sides of his family.  Léo’s Michif ancestry began in Sault St. Marie where his French ancestor Jean Baptiste Nolin married a Salteaux woman Marie Angelique Couvret. Léo has been involved in Métis politics since early 60’s.  Léo is consumed with researching family and community and proudly shares his information with all. He carries the Children and Family portfolio where he has been passionately working for the past 27 years. Léo has been resilient in overcoming both Residential School “St. Joseph Vocational School in Winnipeg and the 60’s scoop.

Pixie Wells

Director of Housing, LGBTQ2+ Representative

Pixie’s heritage comes from her Father’s side, so does her humour. She grew up in the Fraser Valley on the traditional and unceded territories of the Stó:lō (People of the river) and Invermere BC, on the northwestern shore of Windermere Lake where her father’s family settled. Pixie has been on a few boards throughout her life and enjoys being able to serve our community by exploring safe and sustainable housing options for Indigenous people. Pixie is also a proud LGBTQ+2, two-spirited person.

Carly Hale

Director of Culture and Engagement

Taanishi, Carly Hale di-shi-nika-shoon (Hello, my name is Carly Hale) and I am a proud Métis citizen who can trace my lineage back to the Red River Settlement in Manitoba. Due to the diaspora of our people I was never raised in my culture or practiced my traditions. This disconnect from my culture created confusion and a sense of ambivalence toward my Métis identity which I have come to learn is a very common issue experienced by Métis people. Since connecting with my culture, I feel like a complete person. I have been an active community member of the FVMA since 2017. As a Métis social worker, I know that a connection to our community and culture are protective factors for health-related illnesses such as mental health issues. This is the driving force that inspires me to engage Métis youth, families and communities in our culture as it creates strong, healthy leaders for our Nation's future.

Donna Klaver

Director of Sport

Donna is a decedent of the Red River Métis.  Born in Beausejour, Manitoba, Donna moved to BC when she was a child.  Her career background involves many years as a Financial Business Professional and includes a number of positions, most noted and recent being, Project and Change Manager.  For the last year and a half Donna has been attending University of the Fraser Valley in an endeavour to learn about Canada’s Indigenous people as well as her Metis heritage.  She Loves and connects deeply with her two daughters, her family, her community and most recently to the land and to all her relations.  Her passion is people and her goal is to contribute to making a difference in her Métis culture and for our Canadian Indigenous people as we walk together in the spirit of reconciliation to create a new collaborative path forward.

Jacquie Tourand

Director of Heritage and Language

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Neesha Pooni

Youth Representative

Neesha was raised in Abbotsford, BC, on the unceded traditional homelands of the Stó:lō people. She is grateful to have had the opportunity to live, work and play on their beautiful territory. Neesha is a graduate from Simon Fraser University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Political Science. She is a proud Cree-Métis woman of the Michif speaking people, with ancestral ties to the Red River Settlements of Manitoba. She is also proud of her East Indian/Punjabi heritage. Neesha is currently the elected Youth Representative at the Fraser Valley Métis Association (FVMA), where she actively works to bring the youth voice and perspective forward in all matters that affect the association.

Ashley Sharpe

Director of Media

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Christian Lagrange

Director at Large

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